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Starting as far back as October 24th, 1990, SAPOTI has been developing logistic solutions and personalized import and export management services. This background encompasses nearly 40 years of experience in foreign trade, endows the professionals at the head of the company's Board of Directors with the required expertise for a solid service-providing, dynamic enterprise in the field of International Business & Trade.

Having well defined goals and an innovative proposal of management control and personalized service, we are wired at all times to worldwide dynamics, adding new techniques of the field, in constant evolution, either in service rendering or in outsourcing.

Methodical and disciplined in its procedures, SAPOTI acts with competence directly with industrial companies already active in the international market, or wishing to enter same, with a view to improving their efficiency in the productive chain, insofar as quality and cost are concerned. Over nearly two decades, SAPOTI has been handling operations of medium and large companies from Brazil, USA, Canada, Germany and China.

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