Special services

+ Drawback
Recognized by the World Trade Organization (WTO) as one of the most legitimate systems of incentive to international trade, Drawback, in addition to speeding up and modernizing export procedures, renders easier access to this special ruling, affording cost reduction and greater security in controlling such operations.

The role of SAPOTI is to ensure full and complete utilization of all possible benefits resulting from the Special Customs Rules on Drawback, in their various modes.

Acting in unison with the client in making up all the technical detailing of Drawback Processes, our company is at hand during all phases of the export process, from the approval phase, through performance, up to service completion.

+ Exchange Management (Imports and Exports)
Exchange fluctuations must be very cautiously managed since they may represent either splendid opportunities or amount to significant losses to the client. For that reason, SAPOTI closely controls exchange rates pertaining to import and export operations, in perfect attuning with company's policies, applicable legal rules and everyday dynamics.

+ Management Services
Using available foreign trade normative tools, such as Ex-tariff (Tariff exemption), used goods and Drawback, SAPOTI manages the entire international supply chain, from the purchase of goods, through transportation logistics in its various modes and warehousing at origin. This is the service option available to a client seeking to outsource the entire operation.

The company also undertakes to carry out an economic assessment of terminals and tank facilities, chartering of bulk carriers, liners, Customs tax consultancy for industrial plant refurbishing or assembling.

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